Literary Analogies and American Political and Religious Dysfunction

One of my favorite parts of the TV version of American Gods was the ancient Egyptian deity Anubis weighing the heart of the woman who just died to determine if her soul would enter paradise or go through a door to the demon soul eater Ammit for a fate worse than death. As the ancient myth goes, if one’s heart was lighter than the feather of truth, one lived a good life whose good deeds outweighed one’s sins. It was Anubis’ job to weigh your heart against Ma’at, the Ostrich feather of truth. If your heart was lighter than the feather eternal paradise awaited.

I bring up this myth to weigh the political events of yesterday. Yesterday, the GOP endorsed Moore for Senator of Alabama. There are in life some things that are greater than cut throat partisan politics. Human decency should always “trump” one’s selfish desires. Therefore, If the heart of the RNC went before Anubis, its weight would break the scale.

But let us go beyond myth to the hearts of many who profess evangelical Christianity in Alabama. Now, remember, I just said “many” and not “all” because there are good and bad among all members of the human race. However, If you are supposedly an evangelical Christian and support Moore, you are nothing but a hypocrite in my eyes, Pedaphilia goes beyond sin, It is a mental illness that is near impossible to cure. My psychology professor of 40 years ago said that child molesters should be locked up and the key to the cell should be thrown into the river. Any believer in the literal truth of the Bible who votes for him should take their Bible and throw it in the trash because the words you believe in is less than worthless. On the other hand, I know many agnostics and atheists that have more moral and ethical integrity than this piece of filth running for the Senate. And by the way, peer reviewed research shows that most pedaphiles are heterosexuals and not LGBQT.

While most atheists, agnostics and LGBQT people with good hearts and spend their lives doing good deeds would pass Anubis’ feather test, Mr. Moore’s heart would not only break the scale but also the pedestal in which the scale stands. As for Mr. Trump, his heart would cause an earthquake as it fell. with a smiling Ammit waiting to devour his soul just beyond the gate. And to use another literary analogy relevant to this holiday season, the weighted chains that the RNC, Moore, the GOP Congress and Trump will carry in death make the chains of Jacob Marley’s ghost look like trinkets.