Say It To My Face: Chicago’s Epic Trump Shutdown

This reposting has nothing to do with education but everything to do with the future of this country.


All fascists are cowards.

Especially Donald Trump.

The Reality TV star turned Presidential candidate is known for making bigoted statements at his rallies against Muslims, Latinos, women, black people, the disabled – basically anyone not white, male and straight.

So when thousands of these Muslims, Latinos, women, black people, etc. showed up at his rally in Chicago last night, Trump took a bold stance… and ran away.

He cancelled the rally rather than face them.

Sure there was the potential for violence if he had continued with his speech as planned, but that has never stopped him before. How many times have we seen cellphone videos of minorities being forcibly escorted from his campaign events, sometimes after being beaten or otherwise accosted? I don’t remember Trump canceling any of those events.

But when the people he denigrates show up in force, THAT’S when he pulls the…

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One thought on “Say It To My Face: Chicago’s Epic Trump Shutdown

  1. It might be an interesting summer as Trump begins to realize how many of those he has so nonchalantly (and repeatedly) insulted can now begin to gang up on him. Every non-White, every non-Christian, every female, every immigrant, every person with a handicap….

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