Tone, pt. 2: On “Hostile Rhetoric,” Laziness, and the Education Debate

I am reblogging this because I also had a lazy parent who worked two jobs to make ends meet and tried to make sure I had a decent education as well as the opportunity to live a better life. Because he worked so hard and had to take care of my mom (who got Alzheimer Disease in her 60s), he did not take care of his health. He died too young because of his “laziness.” I am also one of those lazy teachers who had to work three jobs, seven days a week, to live a barely middle class existence, financed by debt, in order to put two kids through college and deal with various health problems. Yes, I am also one who has an angry tone toward the one percent who care too little about this nation and the people who try to make it work.

dr. p.l. (paul) thomas

[NOTE: The topic of the appropriate tone for making and debating points in education reform will not die; thus, I am reposting two pieces on tone, both originally posted at Daily Kos in 2012 (See pt. 1 HERE, and pt. 2 HERE); pt. 3 is original and intended as a prelude to the release of Diane Ravitch’s Reign of Error, which is drawing some criticism for her tone (see my review HERE). Let me be clear that it is absolutely true that tone matters, but I also have learned that the charge of inappropriate tone tends to come from those in power to put the powerless in their “place” and from those who have no substantive point to make. In the end, I call for addressing the credibility and validity of the claims being made first and then, if relevant, we can discuss tone.]


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